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Have a serious look at the IIS 7 rewriting module

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The different VPCs or site template released by the Commerce Server team was all without the url rewriting enabled. Which is not good from a SEO perspective. But it’s understandable as you can have many different ways to achieve that. The solution I’ll expose here is about a news IIS module released shortly: URL Rewrite Module. This module is an extension of IIS7.0 and brings you very nice features:

  • Rules-based URL rewriting engine
  • Regular expression pattern matching
  • Wildcard pattern matching
  • Global and distributed rewrite rules
  • Access to server variables and HTTP headers
  • Various rule actions including redirect and request abort
  • Support for IIS kernel mode and user mode output caching
  • Lower case conversion function
  • Rewrite maps to generate the substitution URL during rewriting
  • Failed Request Tracing support
  • Built-in rule templates
  • Integrated user interface for testing regular expression and wildcard patterns
  • Integrated user interface for managing rewrite rules and rewrite maps
  • Integrated user interface for importing of Apache mod_rewrite rules

I’ve tested the URL Rewrite Module 2.0 – RC, and I’m very glad with what I’ve done. First, the installation is very easy. You have two choices to do that:

Once it’s installed, a new icon appears in the IIS manager under the IIS section:


This extension allows you to create url rewriting:

  • With a fully detailled form (regular expression, condition, …)
  • By a wizard
  • The url map (the static url)
  • Blocking request

Let’s start with the wizard

=>For the lads who don’t like the regular expression, I’m putting my 2 cents that you’ll love it :)

Really simple, copy the non rewritten url (like http://adventureworks.spgael.poc/Pages/Category.aspx?cat=Adventure Works Catalog&category=Boots) and paste it in the first textbox. On it, the module will generate a populated dropdown list with a couple of different templates. On the template selection, you’ll have your regular expression, pretty cool isn’t it? :)

image image image


image image

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